Dataspace-Based Support Platform for Breath Gas Analysis

We address the development and utilization of an information infrastructure, which aims at providing advanced data management, automated data collection, data analysis and experimentation within the domain of breath gas analysis. 

The breath gas analysis scientific community is continuously developing new analytical methods and collecting pilot data, for instance to identify marker compounds for various diseases. In this context, it is of particular importance for collaborating scientists and institutions to get access to distributed data and analytical resources collected at different research institutions. 

We investigate a novel data management paradigm called dataspace in conjunction with scientific workflow management and its automatic parametrization. This will provide a highly efficient and powerful scientific data management and analysis platform for the breath gas research community. It will further allow to manage source data (patient-related and analytical raw data) and derived data (validated results of analytical measurements) of breath gas analysis experiments as well as to create relationships among them. Furthermore, we will supply computational methods for statistical analysis, model parametrization and enhanced data visualization. This will support scientists to investigate new approaches in existing breath gas studies and to identify novel molecular markers. The project will propose, implement, and evaluate a Dataspace-Based Support Platform on top of modern information infrastructures that will deliver high performance of analytical methods and provide rich semantic descriptions of distributed dataset collections from exhaled breath analysis. The platform will be accessible through multiple problem solving environments (e.g. MATLAB). A web-portal providing access to advanced search and analysis tools for the scientific community will be realized in the context of our research agenda. 



This project is funded by Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) and Austrian Science Fund (FWF)
Project number: TRP 77-N13 
Starting Date: 2010-11-01 
Duration: 36 Month